Day 7 (Saturday)

Woke up at noon and watched some LOTR on tv while Tina snoozed on. While getting ready in the morning, I dropped my $11 sunglasses that Agnes had negotiated for me (didn't bring my good ones for fear of losing them) on the brick floor and of course they broke. nice. We left at 1 pm for Medano beach. As I stopped by the little store downstairs to get some change by buying a coke, I got jacked $7 when the lady accidentally left some other kid's sandals price on it. I didn't notice until I was in the taxi that I had just purchased an $8 coke. Mike said he'd 'take care of it' when we returned. We got to the beach and were seated in this roped off area for "resort visitors". Too bad we didn't know about this place the last few days we were there! My back was peeling not so nicely, Jerry remarked that it looked like eraser bits.

We had 2 beers and calamari, I think the calamari would later do Jerry in. The other 3 of them were trying to avoid the sun but I was still looking for more sun, so I sat in the sweltering heat, and man it got hot! One funny moment was when Jerry and I were drinking our beers and this humongously fat lady in front of us got up and bent over in a 3-point stance to pick up something. Jerry and I made these contorted faces simultaneously. We ran into Joyce and Wendy and friends again. They watched our stuff for us as Jerry booked us a banana boat ($8 each) to ride on. The banana boat ride turned out to be pretty short, only about 10 or 12 minutes and the rope was short so there weren't any crazy wakes. It was still pretty fun nonetheless. Since it was a saturday, the beach was pretty packed and no one was willing to give Jerry and I a deal on waverunners. We wanted to pay about $30 for 30 minutes worth heh.

Tina and I finally found our fruit pop dealer and we got melon and lime pops. I think the vendor made a killing at $1/each, i think the locals were paying half that probably. It's all good, what's an extra dollar anyways. We left the beach and found a taxi to take us to downtown. The retarded taxi driver insisted on packing his van with a bunch of random people, including a stupid couple that got suckered into buying a wooden dolphin, to which Mike laughed at her to no end. The couple also complained a lot and it was starting to annoy us. Mike, Tina, and I got dropped off by the Shrimp Factor so I could go shop around the local stores for a ring for Ines. Jerry took the cab back to rest his foot and also his stomach wasn't in agreement. Once again, all the shops sold the exact same stuff, except some stores had their goodies polished and others were just dusty and dirty looking. Probably the most funny item was this jimmy-shaped bong that Mike took a fake hit out of. Thanks to Mike and Tina for walking around with me for like over an hour, staring at the same objects over and over again, but I never found a good silver ring for ines. They were either too large and bulky or small and very thin (poor quality).

Eventually we made our way back to the taco hut next to cabo wabo for a snack. There were two green parrots hanging around the rafters in the bar next to the taco hut. Our rude waiter messed up our order and gave us a second order of nachos with guacomole that we definitely did not order. He finally took took the chips order back and left them on the counter by the kitchen window, hoping that another party would order it. Turned out it was another 'azn' couple a few tables down that had ordered it. I ordered a manzana soda which was pretty darn tasty. When we left, the waiter didn't even bother replying to Mike after Mike thanked him for his service. What a horrible waiter!

We cabbed it back and Mike went back to the convenience store with my receipt and got my $7 back! Thanks Mike! That was totally awesome. Tina also bought me a candy bar, w00 thanks! We ran into Jerry downstairs and he was purchasing some AD heh. There was like no one around the pool area, so we got the floaties and went for another swim in the volleyball pool. We dove through the floaties while Tina read some magz she found on the table. We finally got to hit around the volleyball in the pool, it looked a lot more fun than it actually was cause it's difficult playing 1 on 1 haha. It was Jerry's AD vs Pang spitting in the water, vs my shedding eraser back haha. gross x3! we went up to the hot tub and spent some time cooking in there. Pang had the only key so he went back to shower and called out to us via the balcony when he was out. There was no one around the resort, as Jerry explained, probably because the timeshares were mostly sun to sat, so everyone had left. We waited for 5 minutes for the towel cards and worked on deflating the innertubes. We ordered room service again, and once again, I had bacon strips in my turkey sandwich. laff. We were watching Devil's Advocate and SWAT before I threw out a suggestion of going to Senor Sweets *grin*. Mike was like "how long were you sitting there thinking about it!" and it was a most welcome idea as we got dressed and took a taxi down to Puerto Paraiso again.

Since it was a saturday night, there was actually a lot of traffic heading down. I ordered a carrot cake and a cappuccino again. I had to visit 5 different tables before finding my 8 packs of sugar. There was a hair someone's order and a tiny fruit fly stuck in the shredded carrots on my plate. Mike grossed out Tina by proceeding to eat the fruit fly. Tina had a waffle cone with coconut and banana sherbet, which was really good. I had quite a few spoonfuls of hers heh. Mike had gotten some popcorn from the little machine outside of the sweets store and came back to tell us how he had spilled some all over the front counter while asking to use the voip phone haha. We also saw the two girls that Mike and Jerry were trying to hit up before, Kristine and Kelly. Mike went outside to sit and chat with them, I think they were from LA. Since I didn't find an ATM in the mall, I just paid and figured i'll just hit up with the convenience charge later. Jerry insisted on giving me $20, thanks man.

We walked over to the outdoor bar right next to Squid Row and sat down. I had a GG and tonic and we chilled there for a while, watching some v-ball on the outdoor tv and listening to the hip-hop playing. After about 20 minutes we decided to go have another run at our favorite taco joint. By now there was a huge line forming outside El Squid, no way were we gonna partake in that line. The club itself is already packed enough with less-than-elbow room to manuever abouts within. OUr owner friend recognized us again at the taco hut and this time he recommended this potatoe filled with cheese that we could 'make' our own tacos out of. Since we already had some senor sweets, we only had 1 order of it, along with a couple cokes (that came in the neat glass bottles). While we were waiting for the potatoe, we watched someone "water" the sidewalk as well as a hooker getting in and out of a car. I guess the price wasn't good enough! The potatoe arrived and it was crazy looking with all the cheese collated. Tina was able to pick up like a pound of cheese at once with her fork haha.

After the snack, we walked over to Mermaids. The door guy wanted $10 for the 3 of us and would let Tina get in for free. Pang went up first to 'check it out' while the three of us waited outside. Tina wasn't exactly thrilled about the strip club idea but she was being a good sport and wasn't objecting. What a team player! While waiting outside, we saw a cockroach running around along the sidewalk. Mike came back out about 5 minutes later and said the place wasn't "the best environment". Turns out it was more like a cafeteria room with poles and some folding chairs or something. We decided not to go in and walked back over to the Cabo Wabo direction.

Outside cabo wabo, we were approached by another guy advertising for the strip club across the street, Amnesia. He said he'd take us in for free so we went along with him. We took what seemed like the world's slowest elevator for 1 floor. We were ushered inside and sat down on some nice plush seats. Tina refused to sit on the seat at first and sat on top of the seat handle instead haha. Ironically Jerry and mine suggestions for her to "just watch the tv screens if you don't want to look at the nude girls" backfired since the tv's immediately starting playing skinamax soft-core haha. As far as clubs go, it was very clean and the air-condition worked well. The waiter came by saying that there were 2 for $4 corona specials and Mike said "okay one for each of us".. and next thing we knew, the waiter came back with 8 coronas! so much for my ingenious idea of not drinking any beer tonight! Tina also happened to be wearing a t-shirt that said "Free" across the front, luckily no one took her up on the suggestion.

About 30 minutes into watching the dancers, Jerry and Tina took off to return to the resort while Mike and I stayed... to finish off the beers. Mike and I both got crushed by fat dancers at one point, get off! I ended up getting a lap dance with the hotties in purple and Mike hooked it up with the hot blond with the white top. They both seemed pretty drugged out. The system works differently there. Instead of negotiating with the dancer, you actually have to talk with your server. The starting rates is $20 for 5 minutes and upwards of $100 for 30 minutes. However one of the servers was trying to sell me the 30 minutes for $60, but luckily I had given Mike another $60 so my straight cash reserves were low. The lap dance with the chick in the white top took a while cause she was upstairs for a while with a dirty old man. Oh yes, another thing was that after you paid the server for the upcoming dance, he would write out a receipt for the stripper to take upstairs to give to another attendant that kept time. You were then brought into typical booth with a curtain and after the 5 minutes or whenever, the attendant would call out loudly and the stripper would just end it. Thanks Mike for buying me the lap dance with the blond!

We took a taxi back and ran into this blond girl with red streaks in her hair in the lobby. She was with her mom and sister and looked pretty toasted. Nice family affair there! Back in the room, Jerry and Tina were lounging around watching tv. Tina had made Jerry take a shower before allowing him to sit back onto the futon bed haha. Not only that, apparently there was an incident where a teeny weeny fruit fly was on the sheet and she yelped and made Jerry kill it haha. Feeling pretty grossed out myself, I also showered off before heading to bed.

Current root beer barrel count at 29
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