Day 2 (Monday)

Day two started with us waking up and heading straight over to the pool with the floaties that we had pumped up the night before with the $3 hand pump. Tina 'unveiled' her monk'ish method of tanning, with the towel covering her face haha. Being all careful and cautious was to no avail, as Pang flipped over in his floatie and drenched himself haha. We were at the lower pool this time, which had a nice ledge just inside the ledge to sit on. We ordered poolside food, chips and salsa, gespacho, beer (of course), and i think fish tacos. Our waiter, Rafio, was cool with Pang and after Pang bought him a beer, Rafio began bringing over some complimentary pina coladas too.

There were these two hot and super bronze girls next to us, I was hoping I would get as tan as they did over the course of the next few days. Pang brought out one of the most fun pool toys I've ever seen, the sub bug, which is this little AA-powered red submarine'ish toy that had a little propeller at the end. At first he couldn't figure out why the sub bug wasn't floating straight, as it seemed to keep staying still and drowning, until Tina pondered if the battery was in properly. Mike then realized the battery was in backwards, thus the reverse current haha.

Tami unleashed her perpendicular tanning theory and would consistently adjust her recliner so it would be aligned properly with the sun. Our little corner was always hoppin' whenever we were all out by the pool cause Mike would stream shoutcast servers on his laptop. At one point, I fell asleep on my front on the recliner for an hour without reapplying sunblock to my back, and i got burnt toasty.. which would come back to haunt me later on in the week. Tina and I also ordered a banana split, which came partially melted.

As the others left to go back to the room, Mike and I stopped by the lobby to see if the activities director could give us some tips or suggestions, but he turned out to be absolutely useless, as Jerry had already received all the same brochures the day before during check-in. After we went back in, Mike busted out his gatorade mix so we could all rehydrate. We rested up a bit and had some fun juice before heading out to find a place to eat dinner.

We witnessed some crazy police car action, which included the police car flying down the road right in front of us, without his sirens on, and almost crashing head-on into oncoming traffic as it went into the lane. We took another stroll out around the wharf and asked some locals to take a pic for us. Along the main wharf strip, we encountered our first blitzkrieg of kids selling the dollar turtle whistles and dollar packs of tiny gum as well as our first silver vendor trying to sell tami and tina some $20 bracelets.. hello! Every restaurant we walked by had hosts/hostesses outside trying to wave us in. We decided on the "Shrimp Bucket", which was towards the very end of wharf.

Since it was decently weathered night, we sat outside. Along with our meals, we orderd a huge combo shrimp bucket, which had some nice ones, like the coconut and beer batter. The decor was pretty amusing, as it had a lot of hanging cartoon fish with different names on it. The service was once again pretty slow and at one point towards the end of our meal, one of the waiters was enthralled by my can-lid-ripping technique.

On our walk back, we stopped 3 buildings down at the local market and picked up more water, milk, cereal, and even a snickers ice cream bar! For some reason they were selling Romeo and Julietas for $27 each.. which later on, when we walked by Cabo Wabo and I took another look in that cigar shop, they were going for $12. I would've purchased some on the spot but I only had $10 in small bills on me (minus the benjamins) and the sales chick refused to let me have it for that price, so I was like whatevers.

Back at the playa, our homemade ice was finally ready for dispensing, however the sketchy ice cube trays was sorta tricky to use and every once in a while we would lose a precious 'clean' ice cube onto the floor.. 25 cents! haha. Tami gave mike a walking back massage. My note for the maids worked (and the $1 tip) and they left the fold-out futon down with new sheets. Tina gave Tami a hard time for her dirty feet haha. Current root beer barrel count is at 35.

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