Day 5 (Thursday)

Took another shuttle out to Medano Beach again, with the intent to ride seadoos with our discounted rate that we had pre-paid the day before. I think it was about $18 for 30 minutes worth. we put on vests (with non-working zippers) and I jumped onto the #11 one. We immediately shot out towards the lover's beach rocks, and got yelled at by some kayakers for being too close haha. Jerry responded by purposely riding out in front of them and trying to create wakes. We were forewarned not to get too close to the huge disney cruiseliner, otherwise they would fire anti-terrorists weapons on us. We had a great time zipping around out there. At one point I was full throttling and hit a fat wake, did a partial cartwheel, and almost bailed off my waverunner. Luckily I barely held on with my right hand haha, all of which was witnessed by Tami, who scootered over to chuckle at my near mishap. Jerry later came by and said when he had drove back to shore to see how much time was remaining (none of us had worn a watch), one guy had 10 minutes up and the other guy had 5 minutes up.. chicanerous!

What almost ruined an otherwise awesome experience was when we returned our waverunners, they were examining them for damages and tried to blame an already existing damaged piece on Pang. There was a pretty significantly sized crack on the right rear of his waverunner, which I'm sure none of us would've 'seen' in the hurried up pre-inspection they did before shoving us off into the water. On top of that, we weren't anywhere near rocks or any objects that could've done such damage and I'm sure Mike would've definitely 'felt' such a collision. Pang gave them a 5 minute verbal lashing and reasoning before they finally accepted that it wasn't his fault. Tina said I did pretty good for my first time haha. w00t.

We then grabbed some chairs in front of Billigans Island and chilled for a while, consuming coca-cola lights and Dos Equis' (2 for 1 happy hour ALL DAY LONG), from our waiter Julio. These chairs weren't very comfortable and given the slope of the sand and beach, we had to use our feet to sort of prop ourselves up to prevent sliding off. One funny scene was when a huge tide came in and drenched a bunch of kids 4 rows in front, they were all crying cause they had salt water in their eyes. I got a couple rings, including a blue one and a funky looking scorpion'ish one, as well as two necklaces. Did some negotiations but of course in the grand scheme of things, I probably overpaid. When we decided to call it an afternoon, we were walking back to the taxi zone, but one of them wouldn't take us to downtown for $7. Instead we came upon this "amigo" that said he'd walk us to downtown, but after a few minutes thought, we decided to try to get another taxi and this time, the "amigo" got us one for $5. Naturally he asked us "how about a tip for me?" haha.. so I gave him $1. Basically we spent 10 minutes to save $1.

We wanted to eat at the taco stand across from Macombo, so we got dropped off there... only to see that it was closed. Must be only a nighttime establishment. We did, however, see the aZn girls that had walked by Mango Deck the other day, including the one girl that Jerry declared has fakees haha. We walked a few blocks and finally found ourselves some tacos at this corner place. We were approached by at least 3 kids selling whistles and gum. At one point, we were trying to figure out what time it really was (after 4 days haha), and I tried a few methods including peeking at the watch of a tourist heh. After lunch, we were crossing the road by a sort of bench lot, when Jerry slipped off the sidewalk awkwardly and sprained the SAME ankle again! He sat down along the sidewalk for a few minutes before we continued our way to the street flea market area.

The flea market basically was a dirt lot with a bunch of tents, all of which sold the exact same things. I had to put away my rings into my pocket, since most of the stands sold them as well heh. Tried to help Tina negotiate a $25 (rip-off of course) necklace. GOt it down to about $14 and maybe with a few more minutes I could've gotten $10, but Tina came by and straight up told the dealer that she could get this necklace in the states for $8 and neither of them wanted to deal with each other anymore haha. 10 minutes into flea marketing, Jerry decided to head back to the resort first to rest up his foot. Tina also tried to get a clay fish (to hold her cotton balls in) and one lady wouldn't go lower than $7. That was the final straw of how retarded this flea market was, so we took off and started walking back.

Tina and I were on a mission to find helados. We must have walked into at least 7 stores with no success until finally finding one with mango fruit pops. Pang bought a couple apples to combo with his 'rabbit pellets' haha. Tami was able to find a gift for her bf, a fish-shaped letter opener that after some negotiations via Mike with the funny dealer (he offered us machine guns and grenades or something), I think she rps'd the dealer and lost and had to pay an extra dollar for a total of $8 haha. Tina also found a dealer willing to sell her the clay fish for her original asking price of $4. As we walked back to the resort, we walked by many mexican construction workers and they all stopped dead in their work tracks and started whistling at Tami and Tina haha.

We went back and took a dip in the pool to relax some more. The others went back but I stayed out by the pool with Tami, since it was her last afternoon at Cabo, so she wanted to maximize her pool time. We spent an extra hour til 5 pm, swimming and napping on the recliner. At one point, when I was about 80% asleep, I suddenly felt someone trying to take my belt clip pouch (that agnes had lent me) that I had stealthily attached to the under part of the recliner cushion. I thought to myself "omg, i can't believe someone is really trying to STEAL my wallet!" and woke up with a startle, about to layeth a smackdown, before I realized it was Tami haha. I think she was looking for my camera or something. phew! Tina hollered from the balcony at us, calling out the time, so we headed back up and cleaned up.

We had a 5:30 reservation for the Pez Gato sunset cruise. At 5:40, we walked down and arrived at the general dock area. After asking another tour guide, we were able to find our raft, which fortunately hadn't left. We walked up this little step stool and 'hopped' into the raft. Immediately, one of the guides took a pic for us and started taking drink orders. We orderd mai tai's, which came unstirred, so Pang used the sidebar of his armani sunglasses to stir for us. Definitely the most expensive stirring straw I've ever used! The boat was full of mostly late 20's and 30 to 40 year olds, all chatting away merrily. The boat guides were amusing, doing stuff like carrying drinks on their heads, dancing with Tami and Tina, bringing out a fake guitar to serade them with, etc. Not soon after we departed, the boat guide said "is someone looking for a husband?" and we all thought he was joking.. until a few minutes later one lady's husband was 'delivered' to our raft via another raft haha.

We saw seals, a couple dolpins jumping out of water, and a sea ray flipping about 8 feet out the water too. There was a neighboring boat that was trying to get really close to the seals and nearly crashed into a rock. Here's when the evening started getting fun. I noticed there were two girls that looked like sisters, who I didn't think were older than 14 and 10, quietly sitting along the edge of boat. I was initially intrigued cause I noticed the older one had like 10 bracelets along her arm, along with a star sticker next to her eye. adorable kid! Every once in a while the older one would take out her camera and snap a pic, but they didn't really partake in any of the other drinking festivities. As we approached Lover's Beach and the Arch, we all were taking pics with the Arch as a backdrop, so I figured I would ask the girls if they wanted me to take a pic of them under the arch. After I returned her camera, the older one said "gracias" with full on spanish accent, so I guessed she must have been a local.

5 to 6 drinks later, I sat down next to the older one and started chatting with her, to practice my espanol. She was really nice and we had a fun conversation. Her name was Miren and after much guessing, I finally correctly guessed she was 17. She told me her younger sister was 14 and they were visiting from Mazatlan (which at the time, I had no idea where that was) with her parent(s). I did extract that it was about a 30 minute flight to Cabo. Eventually she showed me her high school id (with an even younger picture of her on it haha), and I showed her my driver's license. At one point, some guy came by and said "no way she's 17!" hah, and the boat guide kept giving me thumbs up and looks. She also touched my necklace saying "muy bonita"... so as I went to the bar to get another drink, I decided I was gonna give it to her. Unfortunately I couldn't cleanly get the clasp off.. and being a tad inebriated, I ended up snapping the necklace apart (turns out it was only being held on by fishing line.. sucky nordstroms!). I was like uhh and feeling stupid I walked up to the front of the raft, where the other 4 were sitting along the tarp. I chilled there for a few minutes and filled them in on the latest with Miren, while taking another pic. I then had another bright idea, and I headed back to Miren and asked her if she knew who Hilary Duff was. Miren looked a little puzzled and looked over at her sister, who happily nodded her head and said something really fast in spanish to Miren, and Miren understood. So I took off my prized Hilary watch and put it on her wrist. She started beaming and looked at her wrist to see what she could exchange with me. I randomly pointed at one, not wanting to accidentally pick her favorite one, but she said "es fea.." and picked another one with colorful flowered charms. I told her she should e-mail me so in the future if she ever wanted to visit SF, I would tell her where to go. We struggled for a few minutes, as we programmed my e-mail address into her phone. Unfortunately I didn't have a pen handy so I didn't take down hers. The boat soon docked and we waved good-bye and parted ways.

We walked back to the room and I was buzzing happily. We ordered room service for dinner. While I was taking out my contact, I dropped one of them on the floor and for the next 15 minutes, I was looking on the ground but I couldn't find it. Jerry came in and I gave up, deciding that I'll think about it later. I plopped onto the bed and took a nap for an hour. Heard Pang shower and later Jerry went into the bathroom too, while thoughts of "oh well, it's definitely gone now" swirled around in my mind. Said a quick prayer and I had a dream that I went into the bathroom, shook off my shirt and found my contact on the floor. I woke up an hour later, proceeded to head to the bathroom and shook my shirt. I looked down on the floor.. and found my contact! elation! Went back out and ate some fries while Jerry recanted about how they had to send my 'turkey sandwich' back since it came as a club.. only to have it return as a club but with the bread sliced differently haha.

We pre-partied with the rasp smirnoff and took a taxi out to El Squid Roe again. Tami's not-so-favorite-person Betty T and friends were there by coincidence. Mike and Jerry went down to chat with them. We had a couple shots of Don Julio in these nifty neon vials. One of the cocktail waitresses slammed a jello shot into my mouth without me actually wanting it and then wanted me to pay for it haha. Mike also ran into another set of female friends at the club, Joyce and company. Towards the end of the evening, Tami, Tina, Jerry, and I were standing by the tables, when all of a sudden we notice Jerry is gone. Tami and I look up at the same time to see Jerry had literally 'hopped' onto the table and started dancing with this latina chick with a really nice and skinny body. After his 'dance' session, Jerry came over to me and said "hey i need you to talk to this chick!". I busted out some espanol and turns out she was a stripper at this club called Veinte (20). She wanted Jerry to leave so she could give (charge) him some lap dances at the club, but we didn't know where Pang was atm so we didn't want to go. She said she was working fri night as well, but not on saturday. She also "introduced" me to her pseudo-little sister.. who was this very hmm... unattractive shortie but with a decent body. blah! We took a cab back and I was able to enjoy the rest of my 'turkey' sandwich. outstanding!

Current root beer barrel count at 32

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