Day 6 (Friday)

I actually woke up a bit before 10 am and walked out into the living room to say bye to Tami if she was still there, but she had already left for the airport. doh. After everyone else awoke, we grabbed a 6 pack of the $5 dos equis' and headed down to the pool to lounge around. It started off a little overcast, as we had already been fortunate the entire trip so far that it hadn't actually rained yet. Luckily for us, the clouds did eventually clear away allowing for the sun to peek through. There was this strange and sorta rude couple next to us that would put their towels on the chair and go back to their room for like 2 hours at a time and for some reason, they would always know the moment someone tried to move their towels! There was a nice black couple to the left of us however, that was generous enough to move a chair down so the 4 of us could all sit down together. Pang hollered for dollars again and we unleashed the sub bug. We ordered chips and salsa again by the pool. The best item of the day, was the coco-loco, which was a hollowed out half-coconut filled with 7 different alcohols! It took a little coaxing but the waiter hooked us up with one of the last coconuts, although I'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing haha. There was a family across from us, a dad with like 4 daughters all in the late teens to 30's range. Poor dad haha.

After drinking only 5 of the beers, we went back up and showered up to go out to eat. We walked over to Shrimp Factory, as we had walked by it many times and the display plates in the case looked appealing. We walked by a time share selling booth right next door to the factory and the sales guy gave us a coupon for free margaritas. We originally thought "wow, what a generous guy!".. but later on we would find out (after ordering 4 margs), that we had to order a full meal each to utilize the coupon. The platters were pretty pricey, upwards of $35 and more for a 10 shrimp variety. The shrimps were good, probably not as great as the shrimp bucket that we had on monday night. We then walked over to Puerto Paraiso and looked around at a bunch of the stores, including the tiny Lacoste one. It feels sketchy checking out the premium merchandise there cause I had already seen so many vendors selling fake stuff all around the region.

We eventually made our way to the top of the paraiso, to the Italian Coffee Company. We had some drinks and chilled outside for a while. Jerry said that it felt like the end of a movie, where all the characters return many years later and sit down together to reminisce about the past heh. Mike ordered some cigs, only to have the waiter bring him ones that weren't 'red'. The return process took like 15 minutes, but we weren't in any hurry. We walked back to the resort and Jerry, Tina, and I watched this shark movie on tv. A few minutes into it, I remembered that I had watched this cheezy flick before.. it was Megalodon! We all had laughs over the ridiculous ever-changing shark size and when the jet ski guy drove right into the shark's mouth. After watching another show on the animal planet about bears, we then got ready to head on out again. We pre-partied in the room with rasp smirnoff and took a bunch of shots of the crazy bad caballo joven tequila. We flipped coins to see who would take the larger glass of tequila hah. Pang and Jerry were the 'winners'. I lent Mike a bill and we headed out.

We went into Cabo Wabo first, where Pang bought us a round of tequila shots. CW had some good music going but the crowd wasn't our type again and after watching some chick trying to do the roger rabbit, we went outside to sit around. We ran into Mike's friend Joyce and her crew again. Mike and Jerry went over to try to talk to these two girls that we had seen the night before while at Squid. They came back a few minutes later with a couple beers from the 2 for $4 special and we sat down at this taco hut outside. We ordered their $10 special, which was $10 for 4 beers and a plate of nachos. more beers! I showed Tina had to tap the top of a beer bottle to foam it up like mad. I think she slammed mine once and chipped the top of my bottle haha. I polished off at least 2 bottles.. oh my, so full.

We walked across the street, back to the bench plaza where Jerry had sprained his ankle a day ago. There we encountered the cutest cream colored perrito just sitting by his lonely self without a collar on top of a stone wall block. Tina couldn't refrain from petting it and scratching its ears for a good 5 minutes. She contemplated adopting him on the spot (haha), before a local finally came over and claimed it as his own dog. We walked past Squid and it seemed pretty bumping. we proceeded to check out Love Shack as well, but it was completely dead, so we headed back to El Squid once again. Pang immediately bought us 2 rounds of Don Julio, and I was so full that I nearly coughed up the 2nd one while pounding it. That second shot sure did a number on my throat haha. We had a fun time inside dancing and all. The jello waitress came by and slammed jello shots into Mike and Jerry's mouths. Jerry once again went table dancing with some girl that I didn't know, I think she was a friend of Joyce'. when we went outside to grab some air, Mike and Jerry bought this humongous burrito from a streetcart vendor that was lathered heavily in cheese.

After going back in for another session, we eventually left around 2:20 am and moseyed over to the taco place across from Macombo's, which was finally open. We weren't too starving but we ordered a couple tacos and Tina was astonished by the young waiter kid's age (he was 13). The owner of the stand came by and chatted with us a bit, giving us suggestions of what was good to eat. We spent the meal horrifying Tina with the truth about gato tacos and other unmetionable food oddities. poor tina! she nearly turned vegetarian on the spot.

Current root beer barrel count at 30

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